Monday, 17 October 2011

Cleaning a Louver Door

Louver doors are not very easy to clean because of their slats. Dirt and dust is accumulated between the slats very fast. You can deal with that with a few household tools. Continue reading and you will find the best methods to clean a louver door.

Before you start the cleaning process, cleaning Melbourne advise to get provided with the right tools. First, find a meter stick or a long ruler. Put a sock over one of its ends. You can also wrap a thin cloth around the end. Make sure that it is secure in its place, use a rubber band. This tool will be very useful in cleaning in between the slats.

You also need to prepare a cleaning solution. You only need to mix some dish soap with water. Pour the solution in a spray bottle to make the application easier.

When you are done with preparing your supplies, you can continue with cleaning the louver door. The first step is to dust off the door. Use your feather duster, run it over the entire surface of the door. Work from top to the bottom to make sure you don't spread the dust, but clean it. Then use your homemade duster to remove the dust trapped between the slats.

The next step is to spray the door with the prepared solution. Use a wash cloth to wipe until the door is completely clean. Don't forget to take care of the areas which are too filthy.

Cleaning a louver door is easy if you follow the above tips. If you face any difficulties, you can call house cleaning Melbourne to give you a hand.

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